500 rds ZSR Turkish 7.62 Nato M80 149 grain FMJ 308 WIN




Buy 500 rds ZSR Turkish 7.62 Nato M80 149 grain FMJ 308 WIN Online.

Buy Nato M80 FMJ-380 ZSR-ammo Online. You look like you could use at least 28 pounds of military grade 7.62×51 ammunition. Here’s a 500-round case of M80 spec ammo by ZSR that will scratch any AR-10 shaped itch!

This cartridge’s 147 grain bullet is completely nonmagnetic. It’s made out of plain lead-antimony alloy and copper-zinc alloy, four metals which famously cannot attract a magnet. This type of bullet would be used in combat, yet its inability to expand would make it a less suitable choice for deer hunting (but hogs watch out). ZSR has not yet reported their ballistic data for their 147 grain M80 load, but if they did it would probably be very close to 2,800 fps.

Buy Nato M80 FMJ-380 ZSR-ammo Online. ZSR manufactures this ammo in Turkey specifically for the consumer market. It’s not military surplus, so it has shiny brass cases, non-corrosive Boxer primers and modern smokeless propellant. Great stuff for when you want to heat up your 308 rifle as well!


Specifications of Nato M80 FMJ-380 ZSR-ammo

Bullet Lenght26,46 mm34,29 mm32,2 mm
Case Material

Brass CuZn30

Case Lenght

51,18 mm

Primer Type

 Boxer, non corrosive

Powder Type

Double Base Powder

Chamber Pressure

Max. 3800 bar

Port Pressure

Min. 550 Bar

Velocity (m/s) at 16 m833 ± 10m/s817 ± 10m/s838 ± 10m/s

(Standart Deviation)

Max. 200 mm at 550 mMax. 300 at 550 mMax. 200mm at 550 m
Action Time

˂ 4 ms

Extraction Force

Min. 27 kgf/265N

Cartridge Lenght

71,12 mm



Temperature Range

-54 °C to +52°C


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