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Buy Seneca Eagle Claw Online. In the market for a powerful, fun-to-shoot PCP repeater with a smooth, easy-to-cock lever action? Then look no further than the Seneca Eagle Claw from Air Venturi!

Add a little Wild Western flavor to your hunting, paper-target punching or backyard pest control with one of these slick-looking lever-action repeaters. These PCP airguns feature easily adjustable power, smooth lever-action cocking and deliver up to a whopping 70 foot-pounds of muzzle energy in .25 cal and 45 foot-pounds in .22. Add the fact that this repeater platform can deliver follow-up shots in less than a second and you’re talking about a rifle that’s extra-quick on the draw! Plus, its shrouded barrel takes quite a bit of the bark out of its bite for backyard-friendly shooting.

Set in Sepatia (Indonesian Walnut) stocks, these handsome-looking PCPs are powered by a 460cc air tank for up to 35 shots per fill in .22 cal and 25 shots in .25 cal on max power.  If you prefer to conserve air, dial the adjustable power wheel down to get more shots per fill. It is available in 10-shot, .22- and 8-shot, 25-caliber versions.

So, go ahead – pull the trigger on one of the coolest PCP air rifles on the market and be the envy of all your lever-action rifle-loving compadres!


Features of Seneca Eagle Claw, Lever Action PCP Air Rifle

  • Right-handed Indonesian Walnut Monte Carlo stock
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • 3000 PSI (200 BAR) max fill pressure
  • Lever-action repeater
  • Checkered pistol grip and forestock
  • Weaver optics rail
  • 10-shot magazine in .22 cal. 8-shot mag in .25 cal.
  • Shrouded barrel
  • Barrel length: 20.5″
  • Foster quick disconnect fill fitting
  • Adjustable power
  • Follow-up shots delivered in less than a second
  • Includes 2 magazines


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